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Additional Products

Framed & Unframed Stencils

There are many benefits to choosing IMP Electronics Solutions as your preferred Solder Paste Stencil supplier:

  • Direct input of data through CAD files minimizes the chance of errors
  • High accuracy; errors ≤ ± 4 μm
  • High smoothness of aperture walls ensures easy release of solder paste; roughness ≤ ± 1 μm
  • Resolution and repeatability; 0.5 μm
  • High accuracy on stencils as thick as 0.6 mm
  • All laser cut stencils are electro-polished
  • Fiducial marks can be made virtually anywhere on every side
  • Tapered pad walls help the adhesion of solder paste to PCB
  • Fast delivery; 5 working days from receipt of order (refer offer conditions)
  • Protection lip at the opening ensures epoxy resin diffuses into the openings, reducing bridging and solder balls, and it also improves cleaning of stencils, thereby decreasing waste prints
  • Printing errors are reduced due to our technology processes and attention to detail
  • Unlimited number of apertures.

Please call us or fill out our quote form and we’ll help you with your stencil requirements.  If you’re in New Zealand, we’ll send you our tailored offering to suit New Zealand’s specifications.


IMP Electronics Solutions is a leading source for the supply, integration and manufacturing of standard and custom LCD modules and solutions. We offer a wide range of LCD and embedded options from quality manufacturers, covering an extensive range of consumer and industrial applications.

If your design requires a standard or custom glass LCD display, we can help. Just call us with your LCD requirements.

Cable Assembly & Wiring Harness

Through our extensive supplier network, we offer a range of solutions to meet your specifications for cable assembly and wiring harnesses, including:

  • Build-to-print
  • Custom electrical cable and wiring harness assembly
  • Moulded cable assembly
  • A wide variety of connector types
  • Automotive and industrial looms
  • Ribbon cables
  • RF coaxial cable assembly

All cables and harnesses include full continuity testing and product certification.

Please call us with your requirements and we’ll tell you how we can help.

Need components for your electronics projects or looking for a cost down from your current supplier?