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Our Services

What sets IMP Electronics Solutions apart from our competition? Our services.

We’re not just about selling PCBs or other parts. With our extensive knowledge and our partner office in China, we’re able to offer specialist sourcing of plastic and metal enclosures and much more.

IMP Electronics Solutions is your go-to source:

  • If you can’t find a component
  • If your current supplier discontinues a part or raises prices
  • If you need specific auditing for parts within the medical industry
  • If you want to save on payroll by outsourcing your purchasing
  • If you need help reverse-engineering a part

IMP Electronics Solutions offers a range of diverse products and we’re experts in all of them. We don’t assemble components – we source them – and we know all our suppliers personally, which means we can get things faster and guarantee quality.


Many of our customers gain from our extensive knowledge in manufacturing and engineering.  We often use our technical know-how to reverse-engineer a particular electrical component.  We can examine its construction or composition and work out what components can be sourced from either our current network of suppliers, or from potential new suppliers.  We know what to look for and where to look. Then we handle all the project management on your behalf, right through to delivery.

Have questions about how IMP Electronics Solutions can help source what you need?

Need components for your electronics projects or looking for a cost down from your current supplier?