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Need a solder paste stencil?

IMP Electronics Solutions can deliver framed and unframed stencils within 5 business days. Our stencils are extremely high quality and accurate, which reduces any potential productivity problems.

  • Direct input of data through CAD files minimises the chance of errors
  • High accuracy; errors ≤ ± 4 μm
  • High smoothness of aperture walls ensures easy release of solder paste; roughness ≤ ± 1 μm
  • Resolution and repeatability; 0.5 μm
  • High accuracy on stencils as thick as 0.6 mm
  • All laser cut stencils are electro-polished
  • Fiducial marks can be made virtually anywhere on every side
  • Tapered pad walls help the adhesion of solder paste to PCB
  • Fast delivery; 5 working days from receipt of order (refer offer conditions)
  • Protection lip at the opening ensures epoxy resin diffuses into the openings, reducing bridging and solder balls, and it also improves cleaning of stencils, thereby decreasing waste prints
  • Printing errors are reduced due to our technology processes and attention to detail
  • Unlimited number of apertures.

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High precision and fast delivery

With our knowledge, experience and history, we manage the process from start to finish – from receipt of your files to the delivery of your finished goods – to ensure your order is delivered on-time and to specification.

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IMP can:

  • Deliver in less than 5 business days
  • Arrange special pricing for regular volume orders or other stencil sizes
  • Offer unsurpassed quality and accuracy of stencils

Why buy your solder paste stencils from IMP?

Competitive pricing

Fast turnaround and
100% on-time delivery

Offices in Adelaide and China

Globally sourced products

Long-term relationships with suppliers and manufacturers

Extensive knowledge in manufacturing and engineering

Buyer protection

50+ years industry experience

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