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Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

IMP takes pride in providing high-quality PCBs at competitive prices, supported by our strategic partnerships with manufacturers across diverse regions including China, Taiwan, Europe, UK, Israel, Cambodia, USA, Korea and Japan.

Whether you need prototypes, low volume, or high-volume production, our partnerships enable us to fulfil your PCB needs with precision and flexibility.

Our network of global manufacturers has a vast array of materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, capable of producing a wide range of rigid multilayer boards: From single or double-layer PCBs with special mechanical or material requirements, up to extremely complex HDI/SBU with advanced features.

We are strategically positioned to support all your PCB requirements, from low-volume, rapid turnaround prototypes, to medium- and high-volume production runs. We can supply from 1 to 64 layers in a range of materials.

Why choose IMP?

Save Money

Leverage our extensive global supplier network to source PCBs and prototypes.

Save Time

Use our PCB Prototype Panel Service to get an instant quote (link) and place your order the next day with our sales team. Most deliveries are within 2 weeks.

Quality Assurance

Our strict protocols for managing our high-quality suppliers give you the assurance you need.


Whether you need low-volume, quick-turn prototypes or medium- to high-volume production runs, we can deliver.

PCB Prototype Panel Service

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Get everything you need for PCB fabrication, quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from our global supplier network.