Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

IMP Electronics Solutions has been a leader in manufacturing and sourcing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for over 50 years.

Our teams in Adelaide and China are experts in all aspects of PCB construction, which allows us to manage our suppliers and ensure they comply with your demands.

We are strategically well-placed to assist you with all your printed circuit board requirements, whether you need low-volume, quick turn prototypes or medium- to high-volume production runs. We can supply from 1 to 24 layers in a range of materials.

All our suppliers are managed through our dedicated and highly experienced team in Shenzhen. All are accredited to ISO9001 and some have ISO/TS 16949:2009 (Automotive Industry Accreditation).

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PCB Prototype

IMP Electronics Solutions offers an extensive PCB prototype service, ranging from single layer through to 10-layer. To meet the pricing needs of our customers, we offer two types of service for each of the layer counts.

Ask a member of our team about getting a copy of our comprehensive PCB flyer that highlights in more details the usable areas, various services and extras available for the prototypes.

Not sure exactly what you need? Speak with one of our customer service team members about your project.

Flexible & Rigid-Flex

IMP Electronics Solutions can supply all your Flex and Rigid-Flex product needs.

Flex-circuits (FPCs) are a reliable alternative to conventional wiring. By eliminating bulky wires, flex-circuits provide a lighter, cleaner and neater appearance along with the capability of assuming 3D configurations. Flex-circuit advantages include:

  • Improved connection reliability
  • Simplified assembly
  • Improved component appearance
  • One-way-only fit, resulting in fewer wiring errors during installation and servicing
  • Reduced rework and trouble-shooting time

To further assist you with your flex and rigid flex development, we have several design guides that will help to clarify some of the unique aspects of these types of circuits.

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