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Graphic Overlays

IMP Electronics Solutions can assist by supplying you with cost competitive graphic overlays manufactured to your design specifications.

The graphic overlay is the graphic interface between the user and machine. Overlays are usually decorative and are typically used on the front panel on a piece of equipment. It is the graphic overlay that most directly impresses your customer.

IMP Electronics Solutions supplies graphic overlays for two functions:

  • As an integral part of a membrane switch, or
  • As a standalone label or decal

IMP Electronics Solutions offers membrane switches, graphic overlays and decals to enhance the appearance of your products with a professional finish and a unique appeal.

We have several design guides that will help to clarify some of the unique aspects of these types of products. Mention these to our customer service team when you call to discuss the details of your project.

Membrane Switches

IMP Electronics Solutions can assist you by supplying cost-competitive membrane switches manufactured to your design specification. We can also provide you with advice on material selection to ensure that your product is fit for purpose in the environment it will be used in.

In its simplest form, a membrane switch is a simple electrical device used to direct the flow of low voltage, low current electricity through an electrical circuit. The low current levels required by membrane switches make them particularly useful in integrated circuit applications.

The printed top layer is known as the graphic overlay. It is normally made of clear polyester, and reverse printed to protect the image from wear, solvents and abrasion. As membrane switches are momentary switches, it may be necessary to introduce a method of electronic latching to replicate the actions of mechanical switches.

There are many variations on this simple design, and by laminating further layers into the switch it is possible to add additional features such as snap domes, ESD/RFI shielding films, lighting panels, and embedded surface mount components.

The membrane switch is normally mounted on a flat enclosure (but can also be a regular curved shape), and typically a single ribbon cable connects the switch to the PCB through a single slot in the mounting panel.

Please call or fill out our simple quote form with your requirements.

Decals & Labels

IMP Electronics Solutions is a major supplier of thin labels and decals for caution, rating and identification purposes on all types of electrical and electronic equipment, mechanical machinery and any industrial-type equipment. The materials available are similar to those used for membrane applications, but also include aluminium-type foils.

IMP Electronics Solutions can assist by supplying you with cost-competitive decals and labels manufactured to your design specification. We can also provide you with advice on material selection to ensure that your product is fit for purpose in the environment it will be used in.

Please call us with your label requirements and we’ll talk you through how we can help.

Silicone Keypads

Silicone keypads are the perfect balance between functionality and cost effectiveness. IMP Electronics Solutions is pleased to offer this versatile product to our customers.

Silicone keypads have been used in millions of applications around the world, in everything from TV remote controls to the keypads on the international space station. Silicone keypads hold up to extreme temperatures and conditions when needed. The devices also cost less to manufacture than many alternatives.

Main Benefits of Silicone Rubber Keypads:

  • Silicone keypads can resist temperatures ranging from extremely cold to extremely hot. This means that they are ideal for applications in industrial equipment exposed to temperature extremes. It also means that they can stand up to temperature changes during device manufacture and shipment.
  • Since silicone keypads have an elastic structure, there is virtually no noise when keys are pressed. This is ideal for noise-sensitive environments. It is also a positive for consumer environments where noise would be a distraction or annoyance.
  • Silicone keypads give the user tactile feedback as well as linear feedback. The amount of feedback can be adjusted based on the snap ratio of the rubber keypad (alterations in the silicon density and in the shape of the keys).
  • Silicone is not inherently opaque, and we can make keypads that allow light through them. This makes the custom silicone rubber keypads perfect for applications where the keypad will be back-lit.
  • Silicone rubber keypads are water and dust resistant. This attribute makes them the keypad of choice for hospitals and other environments where devices must be sterilised and cleaned after use.

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